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Barber Tools and other must haves in a Barber shop

For centuries now, men have and maintain shorter hair than women. This practice has been with us since forever. While the Salon trend is catching up with the Adam gender too, most men still prefer to go to the barber shop.

When you enter a barber shop, the basic things you get to see are a mirror, chair and combs and pairs of scissors. A barber’s tools are the most important aspect for the overall outcome of a hairstyle. A barber is only as good as his tools are. It is impossible to deliver a great haircut without the best barber’s tools. With average tools like a pair of scissors and a thin comb, a barber may succeed in achieving a good haircut, but why settle for good when you can have better, or even best?

So here we are, presenting to you the most useful tools needed in a barber shop for the best of the decade haircuts.
The hair comb is the first tool you must have in your barber’s tools. This comb is a little different from what we use at home. We mostly use hair brushes at home. Okay, so a barber’s comb is about twelve inches long, with coarse teeth on one side, wider at the top and finer teeth on another side narrowing down to the bottom end. A skilled barber can get an accurate cut by gauging the length of the hair to cut by combing upwards and holding the comb in place, while he cuts away with his scissors.
A barber’s scissor is very sharp at the end to get accurate cuts. The barber uses his hand or a comb to gauge the length of the hair, and then holds it up and then cuts with a very sharp pair of scissors.
This is another type of scissor that you can find in barber’s tools. A thinning shears is used to make the volume of the hair appear thinner. It cuts approximately half the hair that passes through the scissors.
A barber’s tools are incomplete without the legendary straight razor blade. In many countries, men have been using these razors to shave their beards, and also to tonsure their heads completely! Well, in a barber’s shop, it is used to clean the back of the neck and the nape, to give a neat finish. In some hairstyles, where you have most hair at the crown and sides are clean shaved, this razor is used to clean the sides and behind the ear parts.
Electric trimmers or clippers have razor sharp blades that work in back and forth motion in a shearing action The barber’s tools should contain at least three different styles of clippers.
a) A powerful detachable clipper helps you to remove thick hair or wet hair at once. It also helps in blending the lines and fading as the hair grows back again.
b) Then there is an adjustable clipper, which helps in cutting faded hairlines. You get about four to five blade sizes to help adjust hair length.
c) The last barber’s tool in clippers category is a trimmer. This is used for shaving nape, beard, and also for levelling or giving outlines. It gives neat side locks as well. Branded tools are great for clippers and here, I list a few named brands:Andis T- OutlinerAndis Styleliner llAndis MastersPersonna Razors (Single and Double)Oster Turbo 11 Gillette ProGlide StylerPhilips Trimmer
barber's tools6. SWIVEL CHAIR
The famous barber’s swivel chair is one tool you must not forget. The barber’s chair has many adjustments. The most important one being the height adjustment. It allows the barber to adjust the chair’s height to position the client at a level comfortable for the barber to work on. Then the chair also swivels or rotates easily so that the client can see the end result for himself. Also, the chair reclines so that the barber can shave the beard.
The most overlooked of all barber’s tools is a cape. This is a cloth used to cover the client from the neck downwards, so that the trimmings don’t fall over the client and mess him up. It also helps prevent itching until the client can go back home and take a shower.
Yes, these may not be officially called “barber’s tools” but are important as well. These days these unofficial barber’s tools are seen not only in Salons but also in small barber shops as well. A mild astringent or an after shave lotion is required in a barber shop for clients who come seeking to get a shave. Hair Gel is for those clients who want to get that dressed up look after a hair styling.

Together, with all these barber’s tools, one should not forget to have a huge mirror in a barber shop. Be it a classic or a sophisticated one, all these tools in this trade help provide a neat look to men across the globe.