Privacy policy “site” below) that helps individuals who are worried about the way their Personal identifiable information (Pll) is used on the internet. In the U.S., Pll is used in the privacy policy and information security law can be relied on its own or applied together with other information in order to identify, locate or contact a specific person. The most crucial personal information required by the site when registering clients is the name, addresses, email, credit card information, phone number and any other relevant information as may be required.

This information collected from individuals may be used by the site to deliver certain content and products that you may be interested in. Indeed, it is a way of improving the website as a way of serving the clients well. Furthermore, they are able to respond to various customer service’ requests hence improving the way they interact with clients. The site will be in a position to process your transactions within a short time when they have this Pll on their site. In fact, privacy policy is compiled in order to serve users in safe and secure environment.

Privacy of visitor’s information
This website is scanned on specific time intervals to eliminate security holes and other vulnerable areas that may be exposed when not adequately monitored. Privacy policy only allows limited number of individuals to have rights of accessing systems that contain your personal information, and they are supposed to keep it confidential. Moreover, any sensitive data like your credit information is encrypted via a technology known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Adequate measures have been put in place to ensure personal information is kept safe during the entire process of transaction. In fact, the site has enlisted a gateway provider to process all transactions on their site.

The need of using cookies
Cookies are used by the site to recognize your browser by capturing and remembering certain information. The files are transferred to the hard drive of your computer via your Web browser. xxx will use these files to remember the items on your shopping list and also process it for privacy policy purposes. In addition, cookies will assist to understand the preference of a client based on current and previous activity on the site. It is a way of enhancing service delivery.

Disclosure of information to third parties
The site does not trade, sell or transfer outside its own systems the personal identifiable information of their clients. Service providers are only allowed limited access based on their activity provided they keep all information confidential. The site can only release the information as appropriate, either to comply with the law or when enforcing its policies.

In the United States, the Fair Information Practices form the basis of privacy policy. The concepts have played critical role in developing laws for protecting data across the world. Our site normally notifies the users through emails in case data breach has occurred. It is essential for users to understand Fair Information principles and how they are implemented because it would enable them to comply with several privacy laws that secure personal information.